Tire mobility kit(300ml)

The tire mobility kit is a must-have for any vehicle owner. This kit is designed to help you quickly and easily repair a flat tire on the journey, without the need for a spare tire. It includes a tire sealant and a inflator that can be used to seal and inflate the tire, allowing you to get back on the road in no time. With the tire mobility kit, you can avoid the hassle of changing a tire on the side of the road and get to your destination safely and quickly. Make sure to keep this kit in your vehicle at all times for added peace of mind.


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Portable tire repair tool





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Product Parameters


Specification value

Product name Tire Mobility Kit
Model number KIT300
Overall Dimensions Φ89×138.5
Gross weight 1.45kg
Tire sealant Volume 300mL
Expiration date of tire sealant On-board condition 5 years
Tire sealant performance Applicable Temp Range -30℃~70℃
Puncture Diameter Fix the damaged nails which is ≤φ6mm
Tire sealant melting point 115℃  no boiling
Tire sealant freezing point -70℃  no solidification
PH value 7∽9
Smell Slight mild rubber oder
Color Milky white


Unique Strength

1. During use, the inflator has the characteristics of low vibration and low noise.

2. Compared with the traditional pressure relief valve button, we have the design of automatic pressure relief valve button. There is also a design to prevent the backflow of tire sealant, so that customers have protection.

3. Compared with other tire sealants, Bitsman tire sealant has low odor, low pH value, moderate viscosity and solid content, low core pressure, good tire repair effect, and obvious comprehensive advantages. At the same time, propylene glycol is used as an antifreeze to make the system safer and more friendly to the environment and humans. The non-toxic formula and near-neutral pH further reduce damage to the human body and do not corrode the hub. It is a tire sealant with excellent comprehensive performance.

4. The tire sealant has the characteristics of water solubility and easy cleaning, which is confirmed by oral test of Nikkei non-toxic.

5. The repair effect is very good, compared to other competitive products, at least 10KM range can be repaired at least 3 different punctures.

Factory Qualification

Our factory has ISO14001 and TUV IATF16949 certification, and cooperates with dozens of automotive factories, and the products have passed ELV non-toxic test, REACH certification, CE certification, FCC, POPS certification are in preparation.

IATF 16949 2022(中英文版) 1-3508x4961

Quality Certificate:IATF16949

Test institute:TUV

ITAF NO.:No.0349777

Certificate No.: 44111182579


Environmental System Certificate:


Test Institute:Shanghai Ingeer

Certificate No.:11721EU006808 ROS

Unique Strength

The unique strength of our inflator is its ability to rapidly increase the pressure within a container or object. The speed and precision of our inflator can save time and increase efficiency in production processes. Additionally, our inflators can be customized to meet specific needs and requirements, making them a versatile solution for many different applications. Overall, the unique strength of our inflator lies in its ability to quickly and accurately inflate objects, making it an essential tool for many industries.

Optional List

Optional Product List
Product Name Product picture Product Use Method
Battery Clamp  电瓶夹 One end is a cigarette lighter female socket interface, and the other end is a positive and negative level red and black chuck, a red positive pole and a black negative pole correspond to the positive and negative poles of the vehicle-mounted battery, and the positive and negative levels of the vehicle-mounted battery are marked with a plus sign and a minus sign.
Extension Clamp  弹簧管 Suitable for vehicles with large and long body size, such as the power cord and inflation hose length of the inflator can not reach part of the tire air nozzle after plugging in the cigarette lighter, the use of this extension hose can solve the problem, the longest extension length of the hose is 3 meters
Pneumatic Needle  气针 English French air valve adapter, basketball football pin connector
The nail puller   The nail puller The nail puller consists of a nail head, a nail pulling plate, a nail groove and a handle. When in use, align the nail head with the nail, press the handle to make the nail head enter the nail hole, and then lift the handle to pull out the nail.

We Provide

1. Portable design: It fits easily in the suitcase or trunk and can be used anytime, anywhere.

2. Environmental protection and health: the material is environmentally friendly and healthy, no chemical odor, no dangerous substances.

3. Reduce the risk of accidents: The Tire mobility kit can repair the tire in a short time, avoid problems such as stagnant water and road surface wear of the vehicle, and effectively improve driving safety.

4. Easy to operate: Tire repair can be completed through simple operation steps, and you can easily do it without car repair experience.

5. Customer service: We provide perfect customer service, no matter what problems you encounter when using, we are willing to provide technical support and related help.


Attention: Our product is suitable for cars, SUV, vans and pickups.

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