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Our Story

The wind and rain were relentless as the brave couple embarked on a journey that would forever alter their lives. With their precious daughter's arrival imminent, they battled through treacherous weather conditions, determined to reach the hospital. Fate, however, had other plans. A sharp object pierced their tire, leaving them stranded and hopeless on the desolate road. But the husband refused to surrender. Despite struggling to replace the tire with a wheeljack, but he failed due to the big rain. As time rapidly dwindling, he did not lose hope. Instead, he turned to his formidable wit and intelligence, flagging down passing vehicles in a desperate plea for aid. After some agonizing waiting, a kind-hearted driver offered a tire mobility kit, and the husband threw himself into the arduous task with determination. Through the intense rain and the hum of the inflator, he emerged victorious, and they continued on their journey with pride and a renewed sense of hope. This incredible display of love and resilience left an indelible impression on the wife, Ms. Jennie, who was so moved by her husband that she started Bitsman-a top tire mobility kit brand, putting her mission as to help drivers remain safe no matter what obstacles they face. At Bitsman, we are dedicated to providing innovative tire repair tools that will consistently support and safeguard you on the road of life. Trust us to be your guardian angels, committed to excellence and innovation.