Frequently Asked Questions

About Product

What is the exact size of the inflator?


How long is the sealant validity?

The tire sealant does not expire for 5 years in the on-board state and 2 years in the standing state.

How many times can I use?

One bottle tire sealant will be used for once, if you fill a puncture, you only need a little, the rest has been left inside, and it keeps automatically repairing the tires holes for 23 times if the puncture is less than 6mm. Basically, a tire needs to be filled with a bottle of tire sealant, and it will not leak until the tire is scrapped.

How long does it last after the patching is completed? (I mean the location where the patching was done)

Usually no problems within a thousand kilometers.

If another air leak occurs, will the extra tire sealant find the leak?

You can make up 23 times in three years.

Normal car tires can be used, right?

Cars and SUVs are all fine, which within the cable length and kit power.

Can I preset the tire pressure?

No, this is mechanical, and you can't use electronic ones when used with tire sealant, so there is no preset tire pressure.

Can new energy cars be used?

Once it can be used to plug in the cigarette lighter to power the power, it can be used.

Plug in the cigarette lighter, is the wire long enough?

Comes with a 2.8m power cord, which is enough for a family car.

Are there cloth bags to pack the inflator and the tire sealant?

The inflator with sealant set has a cloth bag.

How long does a product theoretically last?

The product expiration date of the tire sealant is five years.

Does it explode in high temperatures?

No, it doesn't.

Do I need a bottle of tire sealant for a tire?


The maximum hole diameter that all the tire sealants on the market can repair is 6mm, right? I saw a brand that says it can repair holes up to 12mm. How is this done?

1. This product is a glue containing fibers and other fillers, similar to sealing strips, which are to be injected in advance or tires need to be disassembled and applied to the broken place for repair, and our product is not a concept.

2. Our products inject tire sealant into the tire with the help of gas generated by the inflator, and then squeeze the tire and the ground during driving, so that the tire sealant constantly rubs at the broken place to produce rubber particles to repair the puncture;

3. The deflated rate caused by the breakage of 12mm is far greater than the intake rate of our inflator, the tire is not up to the air, and the air pressure is not how to make up the tire.

How long does the sealant last if kept in the boot of a car?
a) Because the sealant is a mixture of different molecular structures, it cannot be kept still without shaking for more than 6 months from the time of picking up the goods at the port, and if it is more than 6 months, some substances will precipitate, and the sediment will have the danger of blocking the valve core. More than 6 months will cause the sealant to fail which is not covered by our warranty.
b) The sealant needs to be shaken, as explained above.
c) If it is guaranteed to be effective for more than 6 months, be sure to put it in the car orshake it regularly to prevent the sealant from settling

About the Using Process

How to see this pressure gauge? When inflation, whether to see that the tire pressure is appropriate?

Looking at the black inner ring number, the normal tire pressure is 2.5bar.

Can the tire pressure of new energy vehicle tires reach 2.5bar?

Yes, the maximum tire pressure can be up to 4.0bar.

Do the wheels lose their balance when moving?

Moving does not affect balance if according to our instructions.

Will this inflator inserted cigarette lighter burn out the car cigarette lighter?

It depends on how big the amp of the car is, 10 amps and 15 amps will be suitable for our application, if you don’t know the amp of your car, we generally recommend using a battery clip clamp which is the most stable

Is it okay to inflate normally, must I use a tire sealant?

The inflator and the tire sealant are separate, and the inflator can be used separately, but the tire sealant needs to be pressurized by the inflator to be used

Does the excess tire sealant need to be drained, or does it stay inside the tire?

Need to drain, not recommended to stay in the tire.

The most critical thing is, after the leak repair is completed, do I still need to go to a nearby repair shop to repair it?

It is recommended to go to the nearby repair shop, you need to go to wash out the tire sealant.

How to take down this bottle filled with automatic car tire sealant?

The bottle is turned up onto the inflator, and it can be removed directly.

Can I tie the tire to make up for it, or can I hit it in advance, right?

Yes, the recommendation is to make up the tire sealant in advance, one bottle of each of the 4 tires, first put some gas in the tire, and then hit the tire sealant, all at once, when playing in advance, the tire sealant first put some gas, reserve enough inflation time, empty the residual liquid of the pipeline.

Can I use a little at a time?

No, you must finish a bottle of tire repair sealant at one time, and after inflation, you must carry out a second inflation to drain the residual liquid of the pipeline to prevent blockage.

How to operate it?

There are dedicated video to teach you.

Can a tire be pumped up with using the sealant if the tire pressure is low (no puncture)?
No , tire sealant can’t pump up the tire.
Does the inflator overheat when a tire is pumped up?
No, our inflators withstood 45 days of anti-aging testing in an 80°C environment without any
damage. Otherwise, Our inflators have been tested on tires for 100 times of continuous use over
a long period of time without any heat generation.

About Selling

Who is the main target group for our sales?

Auto repair customers, 4S stores, auto parts, on-line shops, personal users.

New energy cars, SUV vacuum tires puncture can be repaired?

Cars and SUVs are fine.

Do I have to go to tire repair again with tire sealant?
No, natural liquid latex can permanently repair the punctures. But you need to go to wash out
the sealant to avoid possible risks.