Summer Tire Blowout Incidents Surge: Defensive Measures for Safe Driving

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, incidents of tire blowouts on the road are increasing. High temperatures not only exacerbate tire wear but also lead to abnormal tire pressure, raising the risk of blowouts. To ensure driving safety, Bitsman has summarized some defensive measures for drivers to help everyone get through the scorching summer safely.


1. Regularly Inspect Tire Condition

Ensure there are no visible cracks, bulges, or other damages on the tires. Regularly check tire pressure, especially before long trips, and keep it within the manufacturer’s recommended range.


2. Control Speed and Avoid Overspeeding

The road surface temperature is high in summer, increasing tire friction. Overspeeding further strains the tires, increasing the risk of blowouts. Maintain a reasonable speed, especially in hot weather.


3. Avoid Sudden Braking and Sharp Turns

Sudden braking and sharp turns put severe stress on the tires, making blowouts more likely. Drive smoothly and reduce the load on the tires.


4. Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure

Whenever possible, park your vehicle in the shade to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. High temperatures accelerate tire aging and increase the risk of blowouts.


5. Pay Attention to Load and Distribute Cargo Properly

Overloading puts excessive pressure on the tires, leading to blowouts. Distribute the cargo properly in the vehicle and avoid overloading before driving.


6. Replace Aged Tires Promptly

Tires generally have a lifespan of 3-5 years. Even if they appear intact beyond this period, they may still pose hidden dangers. Replace aged tires promptly to ensure driving safety.


Summer driving requires extra caution. Following these defensive measures can effectively reduce the risk of blowouts. Safe driving starts with attention to detail. Wishing everyone a pleasant and safe driving experience this summer.


In order to avoid dangers caused by abnormal tire pressure, it is recommended to use scientific instruments for accurate monitoring. The Bitsman TMK contains an inflator tire pressure gauge, which not only measures pressure intelligently and accurately, but also allows one-touch rapid inflation to avoid driving risks caused by low pressure.


Post time: Jul-11-2024