NETA Auto Unveils Incorporation of Hesai Technology’s AT128 LiDAR in New Vehicle Model

Chinese LiDAR manufacturer Hesai Technology has announced a significant collaboration upgrade with NETA Auto, the new energy vehicle maker under Hozon Auto. The partnership aims to integrate Hesai Technology’s cutting-edge 128-line ultra-high-definition LiDAR, AT128, into NETA Auto’s upcoming vehicle model. This integration will result in the creation of the advanced NETA PILOT intelligent driving system, which is designed to cover a wide range of travel scenarios.

With the incorporation of the AT128 LiDAR into NETA Auto’s new vehicle, the company is set to debut an innovative and technologically advanced vehicle model in 2024. This collaboration represents a significant step forward for both Hesai Technology and NETA Auto, as they seek to bring cutting-edge autonomous driving technology to the market.

The use of LiDAR technology in autonomous vehicles has been gaining traction in recent years, as it provides a high level of precision and accuracy in mapping and detecting the vehicle’s surroundings. The AT128 LiDAR from Hesai Technology is a 128-line ultra-high-definition sensor that is capable of capturing intricate details of the vehicle’s environment, allowing for enhanced perception and decision-making capabilities.

By incorporating this advanced LiDAR technology into its upcoming vehicle model, NETA Auto aims to offer a comprehensive and reliable intelligent driving system that can cater to a wide range of travel scenarios. This will not only enhance the safety and efficiency of the vehicle but also provide a more immersive and seamless driving experience for customers.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Hesai Technology and NETA Auto represents a significant milestone in the advancement of autonomous driving technology in the Chinese automotive industry. As the demand for intelligent and autonomous vehicles continues to grow, this partnership is poised to bring about a new era of innovation and technological advancement in the market.

Both companies are committed to leveraging their respective expertise and resources to drive the development and adoption of autonomous driving technology. By working together, they aim to accelerate the pace of innovation in the industry and bring about a future where intelligent and autonomous vehicles are the norm.

Overall, the collaboration between Hesai Technology and NETA Auto signifies a significant step forward in the advancement of autonomous driving technology in the Chinese automotive industry. With the integration of cutting-edge LiDAR technology into NETA Auto’s upcoming vehicle model, customers can expect a new level of intelligence and sophistication in their driving experience. This partnership is set to redefine the future of intelligent and autonomous vehicles, setting a new standard for innovation and excellence in the industry.

Post time: Jan-25-2024