Common Tire Faults in Daily Use

1、Tire Bulging

An abnormal protrusion on the sidewall of the tire, usually caused by internal damage to the tire’s structure, such as a broken or damaged cord.



- Impact with hard objects or potholes

- Overinflation or overloading of the tire

- Tire aging



- Avoid hitting hard objects or driving over potholes at high speeds

- Regularly check and adjust tire pressure to the manufacturer’s recommended levels

- Replace aged tires promptly, especially if cracks or hardened rubber are observed


2、 Tire Cracks

Small fissures on the surface or sidewall of the tire, which can lead to tire blowouts if severe.



- Prolonged exposure to sunlight

- Chemical corrosion

- Tire aging



- Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight; park in shaded areas when possible

- Keep tires away from oils, solvents, and other chemicals

- Regularly inspect tire surfaces and replace tires if cracks are found


3、Tire Leakage

The loss of air pressure in the tire, which can be slow or rapid.



- Puncture by sharp objects like nails

- Damaged valve stems

- Poor seal between the tire and rim



- Regularly inspect tire surfaces and remove embedded foreign objects

- Replace valve stems periodically, especially when changing tires

- Prepare the TMK in the car, repair it independently and go on the road easily


### Conclusion


To ensure driving safety, car owners should regularly inspect their tires for any signs of faults and address them promptly. Maintaining proper driving habits and routinely servicing tires are key to prolonging their lifespan. By understanding and preventing these common tire faults, drivers can enhance their vehicle’s safety and performance.


Post time: Jun-26-2024